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HempWraps.com is the best source for hemp wrap information and reviews. We review every brand we can find online or in shops. Our goal is to provide authentic and honest reviews so you can make an informed decision on what hemp wrap might suit you best. Not only do we provide reviews, we allow for comments and the reviews and ratings from our comments help to establish a score for each hemp wrap we review. So, it’s up to you, our readers and fans, to help us establish what brand and flavor of hemp wrap is really the top dog!

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Royal Blunts makes hemp wraps in the HempARillo line and we have reviewed the Hemparillo Naked Hemp Wrap. However, the Royal Blunts Herbal Wraps Purple Grape is a herbal wrap and is completely tobacco free! Continue reading "Royal Blunts Herbal Wraps Purple Grape"
For the review of the Kush Herbal Wraps I avoided taking a suggestion from a trusted buddy to try the “Strawberry Kiwi” flavor. So, today my review is the “Lemonade” flavor. Continue reading "Kush Herbal Wraps"
For the review of the Royal Blunts HempaRillo we tested the “Naked” flavor. That’s right… Naked. Royal Blunts offers tons of flavors (Grape, Cali Fire, OGK, Sweet, ETC). They also have a line of tobacco wraps as well. Continue reading "Royal Blunts HEMPaRILLO"

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Learn the in's and out's of hemp wraps and what makes them them the hottest new product in the smoking industry this year!

Hemp Blunt Wraps Not Sticking? Hemp / blunt wraps not sticking when rolled is a common issue we have noticed across many different forums, posts, and comments.  So we’re here to talk about that issue and what can be done … Continue reading "Hemp Wraps Not Sticking?"
Why Vegan? “What makes a Hemp Wrap ‘Vegan’?”, you might ask. Hemp Wraps are considered Vegan because they exclude eggs, meat, dairy products, and all other animal-derived ingredients. Vegans also avoid using any products processed from animals, such as wine … Continue reading "Vegan Hemp Wraps"
Hemp wraps are increasingly popular, and we aim to provide the most reliable and up-to-date information and education regarding brands, manufacturers, and types of hemp wraps. Here are the current hemp wrap brands: Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Juicy Jay’s started … Continue reading "Hemp Wrap Brands"

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