The 5 Best Hemp Wraps for a Cleaner Smoke

The 5 Best Hemp Wraps for a Cleaner Smoke

Do you love rolling your own wraps but are sick of the chemical additives and sting of tobacco? Hemp wraps are essentially blunt wraps made from ( surprise!) hemp and come in a variety of flavors. They are completely nicotine and tobacco free, making them the cleaner, healthier option for you to smoke instead of blunt wraps.

There are some distinct differences that set apart hemp wraps from their alternatives. Other than the obvious health benefit of being tobacco and nicotine free, that absence also provides you a more relaxing smoke, as both are considered a stimulant. These wraps are more often than not “CBD positive” meaning that even if they don’t infuse their wraps with CBD, as many do, they may still have small levels of it given that its a naturally occurring compound in hemp.

Hemp wraps often get dehydrated, which can be fixed quite simply by applying moisture to the wraps. Easy, right? We suggest placing your preferred hemp wrap between two damp paper towels in a jar with a lid for 10 minutes. Another way to rehydrate your wraps is by using a hydrastone. Unlike the majority of blunt papers, not all hemp wraps have an adhesive strip to secure your smoking herbs when rolled. Many smokers have gotten around this by adding honey to seal and add some natural flavoring for extra sweetness.

So if you’re looking for a nicotine and tobacco free option to try during your next 420 friendly smoke sesh, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hemp wrap brands for you to try when you decide to finally trade in your blunt wraps for a cleaner smoke.

High Hemp

High Hemp
High Hemp Infographic

High Hemp GMO free wraps come with 100% recyclable tips and are very user-friendly as they come rolled in the package, making it fairly simple for the less experienced smokers to get a pretty, even joint. Given that there are no additives, this brand of hemp wraps allows you to taste every flavor of your legal smoking herb. In addition to being GMO free, they are also gluten free and vegan, making them palatable to all smokers. They currently have 6 flavors available for purchase as well as the original, plain papers.


Cannawraps Infographic

Also organic, these delightful wraps come terpene infused, which fundamentally changes the experience of the smoking experience. For example, limonene, a kind of terpene found in lemons and other citrus, provides stress relief and an overall elevated mood. When mixed with your favorite legal herb, these papers provide an unmatched experience unique from any other brand. Currently available in mango, grape, mixed berry, Russian cream, honey, and original hemp flavor.

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay's
Juicy Jay's Infographic

You may already know the Juicy Jay brand and the company who has the cute, flavored rolling papers. They also have an almost endless catalog of rolling papers and tips, plus hemp wraps. Available in 6 flavors, these exceptional wraps pack a large punch to your taste buds. They come in a resealable pouch which helps keep your wraps fresh and hydrated. Juicy Jay hemp wraps are renowned among smokers for having a slow burn, as well as being easy to roll without accidentally tearing, the way some other brands do.


Twisted Hemp Wraps
Twisted Hemp Wraps Infographic

Arguably the most affordable hemp wraps on the market, these wraps come with tips which adds to the value even more. Twisted hemp wraps have a more subtle smell and flavor, preferable for those who want to taste their blend without any paper overwhelming their herb. These wraps can give an uneven burn, seemingly because the moisture is at times inconsistent throughout the whole paper, however, this can be easily aided by rehydrating it yourself prior to your smoke session.

Skunk Brands

Skunk Hemp Wraps
Skunk Hemp Wraps Infographic

These pre-rolled cones are the perfect size to share and have a filter which eliminates scooby snacks. They’re practically odorless when first taken out of the package, but when lit, emanate a sweet, earthy smell. They do not have a lot of flavors, which is a drawback for any smoker who wants their taste buds engaged in their session, but will certainly showcase the herbal mix stuffed inside. Unlike the other brands, these cones do not come in a resealable pouch and are remarkably durable in regards to moisture. These are another brand known to provide a clean, slow, and even burn, making it perfect for those who savor every second of their smoke.


No matter which brand you end up trying, the best way to get the perfect burn is to use a hemp wick. These will ensure you’re not inhaling any of those harsh chemicals from butane lighters as well as helping you light even the trickiest of rolls without burning your fingers. Additionally, these wicks burn at a lower heat, allowing the smoker to enjoy the full flavor of their herb without it being scorched immediately by the lighter. Using a hemp wick is also a greener option, as all of the wicks on the market are biodegradable.

Hemp wraps are the cleaner alternative to blunts, and although there is no “healthy” way to smoke, these come as close as you get. Without nicotine or tobacco and the majority of brands turning to organic, GMO free formulas, hemp wraps provide the cleanest way to smoke. As more companies take steps to ensure they are ethically sourcing their hemp and making all of their components biodegradable, these are also the most eco-friendly alternative to bleached papers. All in all, the few setbacks of hemp wraps are far outweighed by the benefits to your body and your planet.

What is your favorite hemp wrap brand?

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