Are Hemp Wraps Bad For You?

One of the most common questions asked regarding Hemp Wraps is, “Are hemp wraps bad for me?” The reason behind the question is obvious — smokers are becoming increasingly worried about the health risks associated with inhaling smoke and are looking for alternative, “healthier” methods to consume their herbs. Given the amount of information readily available in medical books, on the Internet, and in the proverbial halls of what is now common knowledge, the question alone is rather bothersome. There have been countless medical studies on the health risks of smoking and the vast majority of studies have found that smoking is bad for you. These concerns apply not only to cigarettes and cigars, but all forms of smoking including smoking hemp wraps.

If You Have to Ask, You’re Not Using Common Sense!

The answer to the question is simple and accepted as common knowledge. Inhaling anything other than the natural molecules and compounds found in clean air could potentially be harmful to your health. Smoking, in its purest form, is inhaling compounds outside of clean air and is inherently bad for you. It’s that simple! There is no question that smoking anything in enough volume will eventually cause your body harm. That includes cigarettes, blunt wraps, cigars, vape juice, “organic” alternatives, and even Hemp Wraps!

But… Aren’t Hemp Wraps a Healthy Alternative?

No. Actually, hemp wraps are not inherently safer or “healthier” than blunt wraps or other mediums. The argument that hemp wraps are somehow “healthier” than other mediums is somewhat misleading. The most common argument is that hemp wraps don’t contain a powerfully addictive compound called Nicotine. Does that somehow make it healthier than a medium that does contain Nicotine? Kind of. One might argue that smoking herbs without Nicotine is “healthier” than smoking herbs with Nicotine and, therefore, hemp wraps must be healthier than other mediums such as blunt wraps or Dutchmasters. The problem with the “hemp wraps are healthier” argument is that they are still inherently bad for you! It’s like saying Cyanide is a “healthier” alternative to Strychnine! They’re still both poisons and both will kill you.