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  • Amazing Taste
  • Great Aroma


  • Smaller Size

For the review of the Cyclone Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones I chose the Grape Flavor.  After I took a whiff of the others I decided this may be the best smell I’ve ever encountered.


The Container rather than packaging is a hard plastic tube. Nothing really flashy, just a Sweet leafy plastic wrap, on a wrap. Max Protection! Also makes a great re-usable container. Also contains poker.


The Flavor is INCREDIBLE! Almost a grape “Big League Chew” taste. Not a strong overwhelming taste which we found in some of the other wraps we tried. Very tasty!!


Grape, grape, and some more grape. Who doesn’t like grape? It smelled so good when we put in the air.


When we opened the container we noticed a smooth pre-rolled cone with a pre-rolled tip. This cone has a great feel when you grasp it. Not too dry, Not too moist.

Burn Quality:

This Cone gave us a very very nice smooth, clean, and even burn. It didn’t really give us the harsh burn taste either. It burnt nice a slow which was great.

Ease of Use:

The best part about Cyclones pre-rolls is that you just have to stuff them with herb and light it up!  They come with a little straw to help you stuff the cones.  There’s really nothing else easier to use on the market. “Cones”, as they are called, are basically pre-rolled joints that you can fill using a variety of methods.  The shape of these pre-rolled joints looks like a cone, and that’s how they got the name.  The manufacturer-rolled form of Cyclones products allow the user to save the time and effort of rolling the wrap by hand.  This comes as a great advantage to users who lack the dexterity or skill to roll a smoke-able product from a flat sheet.  As of February 2017, Cyclones is the only brand to produce a pre-rolled, all-natural hemp cone.


At 2 cones for $1 we think its a great deal. Great Flavor, smell, and ease of use makes it a great choice for Cone lovers.

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