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Do you love rolling your own wraps but are sick of the chemical additives and sting of tobacco? Hemp wraps are essentially blunt wraps made from ( surprise!) hemp and come in a variety of flavors. They are completely nicotine … Continue reading "The 5 Best Hemp Wraps for a Cleaner Smoke"
Joint vs Blunt Wondering how to figure out which is which? Each smoking enthusiast has their preferred method of rolling; a blunt or a joint, and what is the difference? Figuring out what a joint versus a blunt is isn’t … Continue reading "What’s the difference between a joint and a blunt?"
Hemp Blunt Wraps Not Sticking? Hemp / blunt wraps not sticking when rolled is a common issue we have noticed across many different forums, posts, and comments.  So we’re here to talk about that issue and what can be done … Continue reading "Hemp Wraps Not Sticking?"
Why Vegan? “What makes a Hemp Wrap ‘Vegan’?”, you might ask. Hemp Wraps are considered Vegan because they exclude eggs, meat, dairy products, and all other animal-derived ingredients. Vegans also avoid using any products processed from animals, such as wine … Continue reading "Vegan Hemp Wraps"
Hemp wraps are increasingly popular, and we aim to provide the most reliable and up-to-date information and education regarding brands, manufacturers, and types of hemp wraps. Here are the current hemp wrap brands: Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Juicy Jay’s started … Continue reading "Hemp Wrap Brands"
Nothing is worse than opening a pack of hemp wraps only to find a white, furry mold on them. In the past few months, we’ve seen quite a few complaints regarding “mold” on hemp wraps. Obviously, smoking moldy hemp wraps … Continue reading "Mold on Hemp Wraps Could be Dangerous"
Hemp is becoming evermore popular because of the many uses the plant has. There are thousands of products produced today that are made with hemp. Hemp is used in making clothes, lotions, paper, milk, building materials and even nano-materials. You … Continue reading "Can Hemp Make You Fail a Drug Test?"
Once you find your favorite hemp wraps, you gotta start learning how to roll. Rolling an herbal blunt is one of the most popular ways to enjoy smoking. By using an organic or hemp leaf wrap, it’s easy to cut … Continue reading "How to Roll a Hemp Wrap"
One of the most common questions asked regarding Hemp Wraps is, “Are hemp wraps bad for me?” The reason behind the question is obvious — smokers are becoming increasingly worried about the health risks associated with inhaling smoke and are … Continue reading "Are Hemp Wraps Bad For You?"
A Hemp Wrap is a sheet of paper made out of hemp that is intended to “wrap” or “roll” legal smoking herbs into joints for smoking. There are currently two types of hemp wraps being produced today. The first type … Continue reading "What is a Hemp Wrap?"
Kingpin has been producing Blunt Wraps since the early 2000s. This brand is a favorite of many blunt smokers.  Kingpin blunts come in a variety of flavors including: Hawaiian, Peach Paradise, Mango Tango, Bahama Mama, Big Apple, Cherry BonBon, Chocolate … Continue reading "Kingpin Hemp Wraps – A Solid Value"
Juicy Jay’s has made high-quality, flavored papers for nearly a decade and are the most sought-after brand of flavored papers and blunt wraps on the market today. Every smoker knows of Juicy Jay’s papers and blunt wraps and has probably tried … Continue reading "Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps – Setting the Standard"
Hemp wraps and hemp cones hit the US market in 2017 with a bang! This product quickly became a favorite of smokers, and it expanding into the world of blunt smokers! As of February 2017, there are several major manufacturers of … Continue reading "Hemp Wraps vs. Blunt Wraps – Which is Better?"
One of the most common questions we get here is the question of whether or not smoking hemp rolling papers or hemp wraps will get you “high”.   Most of the time this question comes from young adults or new … Continue reading "Will Smoking Hemp Wraps Get Me High"
Hemp wraps will dry out and possibly crumble if you don’t store them correctly. Much like how humidity affects cigars, hemp wraps need to be maintained properly to ensure an even burn and enjoyable experience. The best way to store them … Continue reading "How to Store Hemp Wraps"