Hello Hemp Wraps

Hello Hemp Wraps


7.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10

Burn Quality

9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Flavor
  • Aroma


  • Packaging
  • Does Not Always Stick Together

Hello Hemp Wraps were a hard product to find, but we are glad we finally did.


The packaging seemed fairly standard. There is nothing really unique to set it apart from the rest. They feature their wrap on the packaging with the product name in cursive, so nothing too fancy here.


There wasn’t any initial flavor that we noticed upon inhaling, just the way we like it.


When we opened the pack, we didn’t notice a strong aroma. But upon further investigation we smelled what we thought to be a cocoa bean scent. It was quite pleasant. So pleasant in fact, that we had to keep coming back to get a whiff. It wasn’t strong at all, but something about it made us keep wanting to come back for more.


The Hello Hemp Wraps were very fresh, and the texture was nice. There was no cracking or ripping when rolling it. We did notice it was kind of difficult to keep it stuck together, even when moistening them pretty well.

Burn Quality:

We were thoroughly impressed with burn quality. Such a smooth hit each puff and very even. We didn’t have the re-light the wrap or use any saliva to even out the burn.


For the price of $2.75 for two wraps we thought it was worth it. While they could have used a bit of glue to seal the rolls, the overall aroma and the fact that it doesn’t carry the smell into the flavor is wonderful.

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