Hemp Wrap Brands

Hemp wraps are increasingly popular, and we aim to provide the most reliable and up-to-date information and education regarding brands, manufacturers, and types of hemp wraps.

Here are the current hemp wrap brands:

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps
Juicy Jay’s started by making flavored rolling papers and then expanded into flavored tobacco (blunt) wraps. Now they’re making hemp wraps under the same brand name. This brand has a solid and long-standing reputation in the smoking industry, and they have been around for more than a decade. Juicy Jay’s isn’t a new brand or a brand that is solely focused on hemp wraps. Juicy Jay’s is owned by HBI and distributed from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. HBI also makes Elements, Raw, and Kingpin brands.

Kingpin Hemp Wraps
Kingpin is another HBI brand that manufacturers blunt rollers, blunt wraps, and various other smoking accessories. Like Juicy Jay’s, this brand has been around for quite some time and offers a unique value to specific types of smokers. Much like other brands from HBI, Kingpin Hemp Wraps are reliable and consistent. The flavors are different than those available in the Juicy Jay’s lineup, but they’re fairly typical flavors for the smoking industry with a couple unique ones for the adventurous types.

High Hemp Wraps
High Hemp is one of the most popular hemp wrap brands, and they seem to be winning the battle for distribution and popularity. These hemp wraps are seen all over social media and write-ups can be found on countless blogs and in major publications. The High Hemp brand offers unique flavors like “Pink Lemonade” and “Blazin’ Cherry”.

They also claim to be CBD+ (“CBD Positive”) which, according to their website, means that there are trace amounts of CBD in the product. We are suspicious of this claim, and quite honestly the entire CBD industry is full of snake-oil salesmen, so it’s hard to determine what is true. Does the CBD actually get into your lungs and bloodstream if you use these wraps, or is it just a marketing tactic? As far as we know, these questions are yet to be answered. This is an unfortunate part of the CBD industry at this time — there are not enough rules about what can and cannot be advertised as the DEA technically has CBD listed as a Schedule I drug (along with cocaine and methamphetamines). We do believe the industry will get cleaned up in due time.

Kong Hemp Wraps
Kong is a brand that is fairly popular and the brand gained some traction with some large celebrity endorsements of their hemp wraps. The wraps are fairly reliable and consistent. The flavors are the typical flavors of most hemp and blunt wrap brands. The brand, as far as we know, only produces hemp wraps and does not produce much in the way of accessories or rolling papers / blunt wraps. These wraps are made in the Dominican Republic like most other brands.

Kush Herbal Wraps
This company is fairly new to hemp wraps, only being in business for around 2 or 3 years, but that hasn’t stopped them from being a part of a great product. The Kush Herbal Wraps we have tried roll and smoke as well as most of the others, and we do prefer some of their flavors over other brands. We did notice that they do not add glue to their wraps, which they could use. It’s also worth noting that the Hemp used in Kush Herbal Wraps comes from Canadian sources.

Royal Blunts
One of the older companies to begin making Hemp Wraps, Royal Blunts was established back in 1995. They seem to focus more of the flavor of their Hemp Wraps, whereas most other manufacturers concentrate on their products’ aroma. However, we did notice that their flavors don’t last long. This allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds: simultaneously being able to appreciate the flavor of the wrap as well as its herbal contents.

Canna Wraps
The company that made Canna Wraps has been around for a few years, so they know what most people are looking for in a hemp wrap. Their most popular item is the Cannabis Flavor wrap, which burned slow and is made from pure Cannabis leaf. The only downsides are the high price and ease of opening the packaging.

Hemp Zone
Not much can be said about the company that produces these Hemp Wraps, as they are still fairly new to the market. The price of their wraps are on the affordable side, but we noticed the size of wraps is on the smaller side, and the packaging seems fairly bland. However, Hemp Zone Hemp Wraps were always fresh and easy to roll.

The Primal brand has been around since 2001, making them one of hemp wraps’ oldest players. Primal hones in on the aroma side of Hemp wraps, with most of them having a sweet smell to them. They burn slowly and evenly and include crush-proof protective packaging for their cones. The only downside to these Hemp Wraps is that they sometimes stick together.

Twisted’s products are sometimes hard to find, but when you see them they have great value and really solid packaging. Like Primal Wraps they smell sweet, but Twisted Wraps have an overwhelming aroma that may or may not take away from your smoking experience.

Cyclone comes in a sweet looking tube that is definitely a new take on packaging. The tube serves as a reusable container with a screw-top lid and even contains a poker tool. Our testing found Cyclone leans toward emphasizing the flavor in their cones, and they do it exceedingly well.

More Brands to come…