Hemp Wraps vs. Blunt Wraps – Which is Better?

Hemp wraps and hemp cones hit the US market in 2017 with a bang! This product quickly became a favorite of smokers, and it expanding into the world of blunt smokers! As of February 2017, there are several major manufacturers of hemp wraps including Juicy Jay’s, Cyclones, Twisted, Kingpin, Skunk, High Hemp, Kush, and Kong Wraps. These wraps are occasionally called “Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps”, but that’s not really an accurate description of the product.

The Deal with Blunt Wraps

Blunt wraps have been around for decades and are a favorite of many cannabis smokers. They offer the unique combination of an even, slow burn with a variety of flavors. There are many brands and flavors of blunt wraps on the market today with prices ranging from $0.75 to $3 each. California has banned flavored tobacco including blunt wraps and one should expect blunt wraps to be banned nationwide in the near future. Please refer to the update on blunt wrap bans at the bottom of this page.

Honestly, there’s not much difference between hemp wraps and blunt wraps when it comes to rolling and smoking. Even the flavors are similar. They both have a nice burn and are easy to roll. You might consider hemp wraps to be a “tobacco free blunt wrap” because they’re very similar in how they taste, roll, and burn.

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The Big Difference is Nicotine

The main difference in blunt wraps and hemp wraps is the lack of nicotine in hemp wraps. If you love the “buzz” of nicotine, you will probably prefer blunt wraps over hemp wraps. Obviously, nicotine is addictive and unhealthy and many people struggle with nicotine addiction. In fact, Nicotine is actually used as an effective pesticide and for that reason alone should not be ingested.  It’s extremely bad for you. It’s a natural poison.

Hemp wraps might be a solid alternative to blunt wraps because they feel, roll, and smoke very similarly to blunt wraps.  If you don’t like the euphoric “buzz” of nicotine, you will find that hemp wraps offer the same slow-burning wrap and great flavor without the nicotine “high”. Hemp wraps offer medical marijuana patients an alternative to blunt wraps because most medical patients aren’t interested in nicotine. Some hemp wraps are advertised to contain CBD, which won’t get you “high”, but offers a vast array of other medicinal benefits that scientists are still studying. CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive so you don’t have to worry about struggling to give up smoking hemp wraps if the need arises. However, that doesn’t mean hemp wraps are good for you.

So Are Hemp Wraps Healthier than Blunt Wraps?

Not usually. Hemp wraps are primarily a nicotine-free alternative, but that doesn’t make them inherently healthier. Are hemp wraps are bad for you? We talk about it more in our next article.

Legislation Alert for 2018!

California and Massachusetts are both banning flavored tobacco products — and that includes blunt wraps. This is a good sign that in the future blunt wraps won’t even be legal in your state. There is a good chance people will make the switch from blunt wraps to hemp wraps once flavored blunt wraps are banned. These regulations are supposed to take effect in early 2018.

4 Comments on “Hemp Wraps vs. Blunt Wraps – Which is Better?”

  1. Super informative article! Thanks guys. That’s super interesting that regulations are going into effect in 2018 banning flavored tobacco products. I actually use the hemp wraps for herbal blends so that’s good news those are here to stay! A lot of the hemp rolling paper and hemp wrap companies make different types of herbal blends themselves as well.

  2. Since they are banning tobacco wraps it won’t be long before we can actually BAN tobacco since it’s dangerous. I can forsee tobacco industry crippling and banned.

  3. I believe that wraps are good actually great because you don’t taste the tobacco as much with there select flavors . I grew up only using swisher sweet or white owl white grape those are the only flavors we had going into 2008 to 2011 that’s when I graduated hs but now they have all these new things . I say get it right and use a wrap don’t be stupid and smoke poison

  4. Its not even really the nicotine in tobbacco wraps thats unhealthy. Its the radioactive isotopes from tobbacco fertilizer, and the other toxi chemicals like flame retardants.yeah nicotine is addictive but inherently is more similiar to caffeine when taken purley.

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