How to Roll a Hemp Wrap

Once you find your favorite hemp wraps, you gotta start learning how to roll. Rolling an herbal blunt is one of the most popular ways to enjoy smoking. By using an organic or hemp leaf wrap, it’s easy to cut the nicotine away from a classic experience. Many times the harsh burn from the nicotine can leave an undesirable and using some of the best hemp wraps can remove that flavor.

Get Down With Rolling Hemp

Rolling a hemp wrap is much like rolling any other medium for hand-rolls. Hemp wraps typically have sugar-based glue, but quite a bit of moisture is required to make it sticky. If you’re having trouble getting your hemp wraps to stick, check out our advice on getting hemp/blunt wraps to stick. Keep in mind that wraps can be torn if you aren’t careful. It takes a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it rolling a hemp wrap is extremely easy and satisfying!

Roll a Hemp Wrap with these 7 Easy Steps:

  1. Gather all of your materials necessary for rolling. Experts will need only a hemp wrap and legal smoking herbs. We recommend using a filter tip also.
  2. Wrap the corner of the hemp wrap around the tip that creates a pocket.
  3. Fill the pocket with your legal smoking herbs.
  4. Spread your herbs evenly so the wrap burns evenly.
  5. Tuck and roll the wrap around the herbs until the wrap is completely rolled.
  6. Lick the end of the wrap with plenty of saliva to make the wrap stick. (it requires more saliva than most papers or blunt wraps).
  7. Smoke and enjoy!

The video below is a great tutorial on rolling hemp wraps with a roller (recommended). We recommend a roller because hemp wraps can be a little trickier to roll than papers or blunt wraps.

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