How to Store Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps will dry out and possibly crumble if you don’t store them correctly. Much like how humidity affects cigars, hemp wraps need to be maintained properly to ensure an even burn and enjoyable experience. The best way to store them is usually in the zip-loc packaging they come in. Once the package is opened, it’s important to use the wraps before they dry out. However, if you lost the packaging or if you need to store hemp wraps for a few days, there are several solutions available. There are two important factors when it comes to keeping your hemp wraps fresh — Storage & Humidity.

Hemp Wrap Storage

When it comes to storing hemp wraps long-term, you want to make sure you’re using an air-tight (or close) container. Some options for storage are cigar humidors, large c-vault containers, Pelican Cases, good tupperware, etc.

Hemp Wrap Humidity Control

The second part of storing hemp wraps effectively is maintaining a proper humidity. There are many ways to do this including boveda packs, terracotta stone, Integra packs, etc. As long as your wraps don’t dry out, they will be easy to roll and smoke. Make sure you aren’t using too much humidity though, as that could make the hemp wrap stick to itself and/or tear during the rolling process.

In a pinch, you can even dampen a paper towel and put that in a bag with the wrap. These will keep hemp wraps fresh for a few days.

Should I Store Hemp Wraps in the freezer?

There’s no need to store your hemp wraps in the freezer.  Refrigerators and freezer are known to dehumidify their contents. Most hemp wraps come in resealable storage that keeps your wraps fresh and this is the best method to store them.

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