Juicy Jay's Hemp Wrap

Juicy Jay's Hemp Wrap


9.6 /10


8.6 /10


9.5 /10

Burn Quality

8.3 /10


7.6 /10


  • Great Packaging
  • Plenty of Flavor
  • Fresh
  • Easy to Roll


  • Expensive
  • Burns Uneven

Juicy Jay’s makes flavored rolling papers and blunt wraps and is a brand that is well-known to smokers who enjoy flavors with their smokes.

As of 2017, Juicy Jay’s is now producing hemp wraps in multiple flavors including:

Grapes Gone Wild
Tropical Passion
Black N Blueberry
Mango Papaya
Strawberry Fields

For this review we decided on the Juicy Jay’s Grapes Gone Wild because we love grape flavor with herbs.


We found the packaging to be high quality.  The artwork is crisp. The feel of the packaging is solid.  Juicy Jay’s packages 2 hemp wraps per pack. This packaging is resealable, which makes it nice if you only want to smoke one hemp wrap and save the other for later.  The package also states that these hemps wraps are “Made in the Philippines”.


The Juicy Wraps are known to pack a flavor explosion. This one definitely proved it. To the point where it was almost overbearing.


Upon opening the pack, we found an immediate aroma of grape and hemp.  The smell of grape is reminiscent of “Big League Chew” bubblegum.  It smells very sugary and sweet.


These hemp wraps feel fresh and slightly moist. They are easy to mold and roll.  There is no strange odor. The wraps do not crumble or feel dry.

Burn Quality:

These hemp wraps burn slowly.  They have a good flavor.  Unfortunately, we had difficulty with the wraps burning unevenly.  Otherwise, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the flavors.


We found Juicy J on amazon for $1.50, for 2 wraps that’s a little high, but if your looking for flavor and freshness its really not to bad for the quality.

2 User Reviews for Juicy Jay's Hemp Wrap

  1. Terrible. Absolutely the worst wraps I’ve ever experienced. Most of them would not seal shut. Had to throw away a whole pack at one point. I bought them the night before for the next day, and 3 of the wraps didn’t seal shut and had to throw them away. Waste of time and money stay away from this product.

  2. Packaging






    Burn Quality




    I loved them..I bought 4 packs… Burned fairly slow and when packed right, even slower. i only had a slight issue with them sealing. After working through one pack and figuring it out, i was able to roll the others nicely.

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