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  • Great Flavor
  • Solid Value
  • Pretty Packaging


  • Small Wraps

For the review of the Kingpin Hemp Wraps, we chose the Blueberry Bomb flavor.

KingPin offers tons of flavor in all of their wraps which is why we like em! (Original G, Goomba Grape, Laid Back, Mango, And the always fantastic Spanish Fly)


The packaging for the Kingpin Hemp Wraps is unique in that it has very bright colors and a “high end” feel.  The wraps are packaged flat, so there is not much to crush during shipments.  The packaging features an “Emergency Bypass” feature in case you need to roll all 4 wraps at the same time!  For a hemp wrap, the packaging is definitely one of the best we’ve seen.


These wraps offer a great flavor. Though it’s hard to put label on the exact flavor it gives. We loved it.


The aroma isn’t very much like blueberry.  In fact, we think it smells more like a raisin or grape flavor. Either way it was pleasant. 


These wraps are fresh and moist.  They are easy to roll.  The glue is a little difficult.  You really have to the get the glue moist for it to stick.  We ended up licking both sides repeatedly until it finally stuck.

Burn Quality:

The quality of the burn with the Kingpin wraps is about average.  There aren’t any major runs in the wrap.  It burns fairly evenly as long as you touch it up a little with the lighter.  We were concerned that it would “canoe” on us because of the amount of saliva it took to keep the glue down.  However, that wasn’t an issue.

Also, If you don’t like the heavy paper taste of blunts you probably won’t be a fan of this one.


Kingpin Hemp Wraps usually sell around $1.50 for 4 wraps.  The package has 4 wraps, but they are smaller wraps than the other brands. If you like the higher end stuff, this wrap is a solid value.

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