Kingpin Hemp Wraps – A Solid Value

Kingpin has been producing Blunt Wraps since the early 2000s. This brand is a favorite of many blunt smokers.  Kingpin blunts come in a variety of flavors including: Hawaiian, Peach Paradise, Mango Tango, Bahama Mama, Big Apple, Cherry BonBon, Chocolate Mint, Maple Syrup, Blueberry Bomb, Liquid Honey, Goomba Grape, VSOP Cognac, Melon Madness & Spanish Fly. This brand offers a significant value compared to other blunt wrap brands because each pack comes with 4 wraps instead of 2. These blunt wraps are made in the Philippines and distributed by HBI.  They also feature “Perfect Fold” technology that allows the user to more easily roll the blunt wrap.

Kingpin Hemp Wrap Flavors

Kingpin Hemp wraps comes in a variety of flavors including:  Original (Natural), Grape, Laid Back, Mango, Spanish Fly.

What does “Laid Back” taste like? It has an aroma of Cinnamon, spice, and everything nice!  “Laid Back” smells like fresh Cinnabon! It has a semi-sweet flavor (not as sweet as Spanish Fly).  It’s a unique flavor in our opinion that cannot be compared to a single taste or flavor.  You’ll just have to try it!

What does “Spanish Fly” taste like?  Hard to explain because there is no real comparison to a well-known flavor, but it’s sweet/sugary/caramel and with a fruity aroma.  Spanish fly is also known as an aphrodisiac, so it should be obvious as to when roll and smoke these.  ?

As with all hemp wraps, Kingpins contain zero nicotine.

Ease of Use and Other Features

Kingpin Hemp Wraps have a few features that make them easy to use.  One feature is the perfect fold technology mentioned above.  These wraps also feature a “sticky lip” that eliminates the need for glue or excessive licking to finish your roll.  Yet another feature is on the special packaging, which offers an “emergency bypass” in case the “zipper” feature gets stuck!  Funny, but true.  These hemp wraps can be purchased online for about $30 for a box of 100 wraps in total!  Because most other brands of hemp wraps come 50 to a box, Kingpin offers twice the amount of wraps for about the same price!

Recommended Accessories

Hemp wraps are easy to roll if you’re used to rolling blunt wraps.  But, if you’re not used to rolling by hand you might pick up a Kingpin Blunt Roller to help you along.  Otherwise, the slick packaging will keep your hemp wraps fresh and other smoking accessories are not necessary.

Kingpin Hemp Wrap Review

Please check out our Kingpin Hemp Wrap review and feel free to leave your own review also.


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