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  • Natural Flavor
  • Cool Gorilla On The Package


  • Burns Fast
  • Burns Really Fast

For the review of the Kong Hemp Wraps we chose the natural flavor. When smoking quality cannabis you don’t need flavor added in my opinion. So we’re giving this a shot.

This is the only flavor I was able to find that Kong Wraps makes.


Packaging is pretty plain. The logo, what looks like a gorilla and some camo. Hell yeah! Love me some camo. The wrapper also states, “Kong Wraps guarantee a smooth natural pure toke every time!” Kong Wraps claim to be the #1 recognized brand in hemp wraps as well. We will be the judge of that. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.


Once again, Natural Hemp. Nothing but sweet, sweet hemp. Natural flavoring so not much to say on the flavor.


The aroma is very grainy smelling. I don’t know why but it took me back to being 15 years old. Feeding sweet-feed to my papaw’s horses back in Oklahoma. I love it. Don’t judge.


Very fresh coming out of the package. It feels really thin, which could be a good or bad thing when it comes to the burn. I noticed it’s not very moist but it’s very pliable. One feature this product needs is a thick line of glue. It took a lot of lickin’ to get to stickin’. Literally!!

Burn Quality:

I recently watched an Instagram burn test, and the results didn’t seem too promising for Kong Wraps. So I sparked this up with the hope it wouldn’t produce the same results. Sadly, the video was right on. Maybe it’s the thin wrap that causes it to burn quicker than Kevin Durant at the ESPY’S. Bummer. This wrap started to unroll on me half way through smoking it. 🙁


At $1.50 for three wraps they’re not bad for a quick smoke.

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  1. Was you’re testing before they added terpenes? One of their reps said it has a cookie like flavor now. Haven’t tried them personally.

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