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  • Great Packaging
  • Flavor


  • Wrap Cutout

The Lion Rolling Circus company has become an international phenomenon producing premium high quality rolling papers and wraps.

Lion Rolling Circus stands out from everyone else by its history of smoking paper production, bold graphics, creativity, and high quality rolling paper products and merchandise with a weird attitude and relentless marketing goal.


Lion Rolling Circus wasn’t clowning around when they made their packaging. It’s a totally unique design to separate them from the rest of the competition. Some say it’s a creepy design, but from an artistic view we think it’s really creative. You can definitely see the packaging from a mile away and know exactly what brand it is. The packaging shows the contents are made from Canadian Hemp and the wraps have a cool vibe to them with cutouts of what appear to be teeth marks. Maybe the clowns got hungry?


We like our Hemp Wraps to not carry any strong flavors with it. Natural Lion Rolling Circus does just that. The flavor carries the herb and nothing more. We like to enjoy our herb flavors, and even a hint of another flavor is okay at times, but Lion Rolling Circus can’t go wrong with letting us taste the pure joy of our herb.


We didn’t notice any overwhelming odors when we opened the package. If we put our nose close we could smell hemp, but the smell did not carry into the flavor. Lion Rolling Circus did a great job here.


The Natural Lion Rolling Circus Hemp Wraps were very fresh. The packaging does a good job of sealing them. We will say that the jagged edges of the end of the wraps made it fairly difficult to roll, but once it was rolled it had a really great look to it. We just feel that it wasn’t necessary.

Burn Quality:

We thought the the jagged edges would cause issues with burning, but the wraps burned very smoothly with no problems. They didn’t go out once lit, and it burned evenly.


For the price of $3 for two wraps we would recommend purchasing these wraps to give them a try. If anything, you could keep the packaging as it’s pretty unique and would be a cool display on your collections shelf.

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