Mold on Hemp Wraps Could be Dangerous

Nothing is worse than opening a pack of hemp wraps only to find a white, furry mold on them. In the past few months, we’ve seen quite a few complaints regarding “mold” on hemp wraps. Obviously, smoking moldy hemp wraps could be extremely hazardous to your health. Unfortunately, because there are so many types of mold, it’s difficult to tell if the mold on your hemp wrap is dangerous.

Getting a Gross Surprise

Below is an image that a reader sent to us showing a white mold on Kong brand hemp wraps. If you open your wraps and see a similar growth, do not smoke the wraps! Often times this type of mold can be mistaken as plume, which is not what happens to hemp wraps. More about plume below.

Moldy Hemp Wrap
Example of Potential White Mold on Kong Hemp Wraps.

Micromanaging the Mold

Mold starts as a spore and air currents or wind move the spore around until it finds a place to live. It usually grows in warm, dark, damp areas (which is what your hemp wrap packaging produces). Not all molds and fungi are bad for you, but it isn’t worth the risk unless you know for sure what mold or fungi you’re ingesting. In fact, some molds like penicillin actually kill bacteria and can be useful if you have an infection. However, it is highly unlikely that smoking the mold on your hemp wraps will help you if you are sick (or healthy).

Plume vs Dangerous Mold

Interestingly, there is a “mold” that is often found on cigars called “plume”. Plume is not actually mold, it is a crystal form and is actually a good sign for cigar lovers. One difference between plume and mold is that plume is FLAT and white and mold is 3-dimensional and white. Plume is harmless to smoke and means the cigars/tobacco were cared for properly for a long period of time. However, if you find something that looks mold on your hemp wraps, it is probably NOT plume. You can read more about plume and mold here – Plume Vs. Mold

The bottom line is that moldy hemp wraps are probably extremely dangerous to smoke. Sure, it might be completely harmless, but I wouldn’t take that chance. We suggest you return the moldy hemp wraps to the place you bought them for an exchange/refund. Do not smoke them. Hemp wraps are fairly new to the market so perhaps the white mold on them will be determined harmless as we negotiate this new product in the marketplace. But, until such time, it is a bad idea to smoke moldy hemp wraps.

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  1. Hello hemp wraps !

    I recently bought a wrap. I don’t usually check the tube that comes with the wrap but after I licked the wrap closed I noticed red stains on the middle tube that appears to look like blood. At that point I already licked the wrap that surrounded the tube so I’m quite concerned about what it was/is. I feel disgusted because it might be blood and contact was made with my mouth. Please message me at your earliest convenience.

    -troubled customer

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