Primal Herbal Pre-Rolled Cone

Primal Herbal Pre-Rolled Cone


9.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10

Burn Quality

8.5 /10


9.0 /10


  • Cone Protection Packaging
  • Sweet Smell
  • Smooth Slow Burn


  • Sometimes Sticks together

For the review of the Primal Herbal Cones we chose the Cocoa Bean flavor. Who doesn’t love cocoa? Also these Primal Herbal Cones are pre-rolled. which isn’t listed on the packaging. Made in the Dominican Republic. No tobacco. No Nicotine!

Primal offers a plethora of flavors in their other cone wraps (Yerba Mate’, Chamomile, Sage, Pineapple, Hemp)


Primal herbal cones come in a fresh seal packaging with tribal graphics, which are cool. But, wait until you open the package! Primal also offers a hard plastic shell inside for ultimate cone protection.


Pre-Spark the wrap taste offers a hint of cocoa and tobacco (though it is tobacco free). It is a little harsh while smoking. I recommend this for those who want the tobacco flavor, without the actual tobacco.


Cocoa, Cocoa and more cocoa. Not too strong, not too weak. Just right!


The cones were extremely fresh. Probably due to the cone shield/wrapper combo. They were very nice and moist when I grasped it with my fingers, no issues when stuffing the cones. The issue we ran into, you might not is, they were so fresh they stuck together. Causing a small tear in the inner cone upon separation. Other than that.. No issues.

Burn Quality:

The quality of the burn with the Primal Pre-Rolled Cones was a little better than average surprisingly enough. We were really worried looking at the thick line of glue used to seal the cone.. But it Burned like a champ. Smooth and even with a tobacco essence, and chocolatey taste. With the heaviest taste being chocolate.


At 1.75 for two cones. It’s a little steep, But the quality definitely makes up for the price.

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