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Burn Quality





  • Even, Slow, Burn
  • Fresh
  • Sweet
  • 4 Pack


  • Not Individually Wrapped

The Skunk Brand is a household name in the home of Hemp Wraps. They are known for a classic sweet hemp wrap taste, but today they are bringing something new to the world, and it is coming pre-rolled write here in the United States. We here at Hemp Wraps got to give them the burn test, so you can learn how they rolled, smoked, and tasted.


This is not your typical Skunk Brand Hemp Wrap packaging. You will receive 4 pre-rolled cones inside of a slim eight-inch cardboard box. Easy to open and close for safekeeping of your unused cones. Typically, hemp wraps are sealed in airtight packaging but these hemp cones do not appear to be at risk when exposed to air. They are easily stored on a medium to large rolling tray, but you may run into some issues on a mini tray. One thing to keep in mind is that the cardboard is not rigid enough to sustain something like sitting on it in your back pocket.


The most unique quality of the Skunk Brand Hemp Cones is the texture of the paper itself. It is thinner than their traditional hemp wrap and considerably thicker than their paper. There is also a natural tactile element to this cone as well. You can see and feel the contrast between the darker and lighter fibers woven into the king size paper. It feels natural yet modern and elegant.


The flavor the biggest surprise for us because like stated above, Skunk Brand is known for a sweet roll and smoke. This might come as shocking to Skunk fans, but these are not sweet on the lips. That being said, this is a great tasting pre-rolled hemp cone. Let me explain. The fact that this is a thinner paper makes it a lighter smoke. This is will be different for traditional hemp wrap smokers who like a full body flavor. This is a smooth smoke with sweet earthy undertones that do not overpower the intended flavors of your dry blends. You will find the sweetness in the smoke on this one.


Upon opening the packaging I was honestly disappointed because Skunk Brand is known for sweetness. It was then I knew this was going to be a return to nature experience for this skunk. What I discovered is that everything changes when this cone is burning. The aroma is as pungent as the name would lead you to believe. The sweetness that you do not taste on your lips hangs in the air.


You do not have to worry about the freshness of these Hemp Cones. I have had them open for over a week now and time has had no impact on the freshness.

Burn Quality:

Three words: Even, Slow, Burn. Three more words: Did, Not, Run.


What is great about the new Skunk Brand Hemp Cones is that there are four cones in a package. The downside is that I want to smoke more than one a day. This is obviously different for everyone, but I would consider this a treat rather than a daily choice. That being said it is a treat that I would give myself often.

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