What is a Hemp Wrap?

A Hemp Wrap is a sheet of paper made out of hemp that is intended to “wrap” or “roll” legal smoking herbs into joints for smoking. There are currently two types of hemp wraps being produced today. The first type is a flat, paper sheet that looks similar to a rolling paper or blunt wrap. The second type is pre-rolled into a cone shape and are intended to be “stuffed” with legal smoking herbs. Though these hemp cones are manufactured and pre-rolled into a cone shape, they’re still considered hemp wraps because they are made from the same materials.

Hemp Wraps vs. Cones
The above image shows the difference between a regular hemp wrap and a pre-rolled hemp cone.

Hemp Wrap Manufacturers

There are a number of manufacturers creating these wraps including Juicy Jay’s, Twisted, High Hemp, Kingpin, Skunk, and Kong. We have written reviews of all major brands of hemp wraps and intend to maintain this website to keep you updated with the latest and greatest hemp wraps. Based on our research, most hemp wraps are manufactured in the Philippines or the Dominican Republic.

What Are Hemp Wraps For?

Hemp wraps offer an alternative to one of the most popular methods of “wrapping” and smoking herbs — blunt wraps. Hemp wraps are a great blunt wrap alternative because they do not contain nicotine and are perceived as being a “healthy” alternative to blunts, though all smoking is dangerous to your health, including smoking hemp wraps. When it comes down to the hemp wrap vs blunt wrap debate, its important to understand the difference between them.  A term you might even hear is hemp blunt wrap, which is essentially a hemp wrap made to burn smooth and slow. And that’s the key! A smoother and slower burn will entice any herb smoker. These types of slow burning wraps have grown in popularity with smokers concerned with the dangerous additives found in typical nicotine blunt wraps, but still seeking a slower and more flavorful burn.

Blunt wraps have been demonized on two fronts by both the media and legislators for their widespread association with marijuana use and for containing nicotine. California was the first state to ban flavored blunt wraps (and any flavored tobacco product), followed by Massachusetts. There is no doubt that other states will soon follow suit. This is not the first time there have been attempts to ban flavors associated with tobacco. The cigar industry has also seen attacks on flavored cigars and has had to adjust to the rules the FDA enacted regarding such items. Flavored rolling papers were also banned for use with tobacco and are now only legal for use with “legal smoking herbs”.

When Were the First Hemp Wraps Produced?

Based on our research, it is unclear as to when hemp wraps were first produced. There are a few indications that they have been around for quite some time in countries outside of the US. What we do know is that in 2017 hemp wraps became widespread in the US and have been extremely popular since their release. If you know of more information regarding the origin of hemp wraps, please let us know so that we can provide the most accurate information.

Where can I Find Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are available in many high-end online smoke shops. Typically, this is a specialty item so you won’t often find them in convenience stores or cigar shops.