What’s the difference between a joint and a blunt?

Joint vs Blunt

Wondering how to figure out which is which? Each smoking enthusiast has their preferred method of rolling; a blunt or a joint, and what is the difference? Figuring out what a joint versus a blunt is isn’t rocket science and knowing the variance can really help one understand what they’re looking for if they don’t already have a preference. We’re here to identify the key differences in each:

  • What do they look like?
  • What are they made of?
  • What are the used for?
  • Which is better for your personal needs?
  • Other names for them.


Blunt vs Joint Physical Comparison. What Do They Look Like?

A joint is typically a thin, translucent, piece of paper. They are usually white or tan in color and sometimes may sport a printed pattern that exhibits the flavor of the wrap. Simple stuff.

Blunt wraps on the other hand are completely opaque and are commonly a dark brown, tan color, or a deep green. Blunts come in many different flavors but don’t exhibit a print on them that’s reflective of the flavor.  Not as colorful or as fun as joint paper.


What Are They Made Of?

Joint papers are fashioned from fibers such as flax, hemp, sisal, rice, or esparto. Non-wood fibers if you will. Blunt papers are almost always made from tobacco leaves with the exception of hemp. Hemp is also another option blunt wraps come in which many smokers prefer to avoid any nicotine in their smoke session.


What is a Joint or a Blunt Used For?

Either paper is going to be used for smoking legal herbs. Anything else added to the interior mix of the wrap should be called by a different name. A joint, being made of thin paper, will burn much quicker than a blunt. They generally offer more flavorful smoke sessions opposed to a blunt but will blaze at a more rapid rate. Blunt wraps on the other hand offer a slow burning smoke with more attention brought to the flavor of the herb inside.


Which Might You Prefer? Which is Better for Your Personal Needs?

Do you want to smoke alone or with one or two friends? Are your worries less on having a wrap to compliment the herb? Stick with joint papers. As mentioned above, a joint will burn more quickly but the paper flavor options can be more direct which will mask over the flavor of whatever strain is packed inside. Do you enjoy the impression of your plant and want to savor its taste? A blunt is going to give a more steady and leisurely burn so you can enjoy its natural flavor. Many users prefer blunts to joints because of the elongated smoking experience. You can share it with more people. For many, blunts are preferred because they grab the taste buds in a more natural way than a joint wrap would. Granted, there are flavorless joint papers and some brands of blunt wraps are certainly packed with flavor; but a joint wrap versus a blunt wrap is going to be based solely on one’s personal preference. Do keep in mind that a blunt is always going to have a more natural, robust, and hearty flavor no matter if a flavor or flavorless wrap is chosen. This is because of their thick composition and that they’re generally made of tobacco leaf. Joints have the ability to add a pop of flavor that blends with the herb because of their thin structure; but also don’t have to give any flavor whatsoever with flavorless options.


Other Names for Joints or Blunts

Generally joints or blunts are exclusively called joints or blunts but they also can go by a variety of colorful names such as: fatty, doobie, L, blazer, log… the wonderful list goes on. Each term is speaking predominantly of something that is used for smoking legal smoking herbs.

Another term one may hear used is spliff. A spliff is specifically a roll which contains both tobacco or other legal smoking herb for those who enjoy a nicotine buzz as well. They’re rolled with the same paper as joints and provide the user with a different kind of buzz because of the mix of tobacco included with your legal smoking herbs.

With all of this information, it’s really left up to the user to try out and decide which they prefer. Do you enjoy a quick session by yourself or with a couple of buddies? Or would you rather relax, share with four to five friends, and take in your herbs flavor at a more down-tempo pace?



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